Regional Airports


There have recently been calls for Sheffield City Airport to be re-opened. Why? If it had been an outstanding commercial success it would not have been closed in 2008. However, we learn that the runway is to be removed so it will never happen. Of course that was part of the problem – the runway was too short at 3,972 feet when compared to the 9,491 feet at Robin Hood and 10,000 feet at Manchester.

Robin Hood is a modern passenger-friendly airport on the site of the old RAF Finningley aerodrome which was first used operationally in the First World War by the Royal Flying Corps intercepting Zeppelin raids on the industrial cities of Yorkshire – Not a lot of people know that.

Whilst popular with charter operators and with direct flights to a number of European cities, Robin Hood still lacks a link to a hub for international flights. This means that long-haul and business travellers from this area need to make the journey to Manchester for connecting flights to Schiphol or Charles de Gaulle when Robin Hood would be an easier option particularly in severe winter weather and when the A628 Woodhead Pass is closed or the M62 has become a linear car-park.

Establishing a link to a hub airport is an aim of the operators of Robin Hood and we can only hope that their aim will be as good as that of their mediaeval namesake.